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Gray McCree

25 year old Male
Last online 2 days ago
Las Muerta, Texas, Canada
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tatabiao55 left a comment for Gray McCree
Apr 15, 19 at 7:08pm
This account has been suspended.
Apr 06, 19 at 5:01am

My grandma died...

Mar 02, 19 at 2:58am

Such erratic mood changes. At least I'm caught up on Fairy Tail's dub.

Mar 01, 19 at 4:46am

Starting to wonder if I should keep this account... been too depressed for anything lately...

Feb 13, 19 at 1:46am

If you're going to get mad at me because you are using a new account and I can't tell it's you, maybe you should clarify before we start talking in your new account too deep. Y'all don't know how confused I can get with that.

Feb 13, 19 at 1:42am

So apparently some of my messages don't go thorough :/ Thanks internet service.

Feb 06, 19 at 4:42pm


Feb 06, 19 at 4:09pm

Next person to spread lies like I'm a troll, you deserve nothing less than a block and unfriend. I don't need that negativity in my life.

Feb 05, 19 at 11:06pm

Practicing trick shots today and omg I hurt my trigger finger DX

Neverland left a comment for Gray McCree
Feb 02, 19 at 12:14am

It's all good bro, I tend to take a while to reply to some people as well. Can't say I've seen Tombstone myself either. Also it's good to see you back on. I didn't realize that you were a writer, an actor (almost) and in Cowboy Action Shooting. That's pretty awesome, you must be quite busy bro. I'm kind of curious if you've ever thought about just heading out on a long camping trip w/ a horse and staying out for like the weekend or a few days. It's kind of something I'd like to do in the future. Gotta learn how to ride a horse first lol.

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