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27 year old Male
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Laffantion @laffantion left a comment for Tex
Mar 20, 21 at 9:56am

this JenWilliams girl is blackmailing people

Mar 14, 21 at 8:22am

Nearly lost my left eye after my ex pushed me into a lawn chair. Who knew moving out could be this painful. Not emotionally, but physically. Black eye, eye hemorrhage, small ocular fracture, and a traumatized eye muscle all for my left eye. At this point, I’m surprised I’m not blind in that eye.

On a separate note, I’m sick about posting about my ex. I’m over her. The only reason I’m even posting is because I need to chronicle the things she’s done to me somewhere. And maybe someone will care. But honestly, I’ve closed that chapter of my life. All that remains is gathering my belongings and leaving.

Miyuki Chan @hibarisan left a comment for Tex
Mar 06, 21 at 8:02pm


Feb 27, 21 at 4:52pm

That’s it. I wanted to keep this quiet but my ex has left me no choice.

Feb 26, 21 at 10:20pm

To that one person who keeps perstering me about this. No! I will never speak about that malicious vixen Cosplayer Extraordinaire. She ruined me. You want to know the full story? She used and abused me, made me her slave. Loathe to say it as I do, but she needs to be removed from social media altogether before she hurts another human being. I'm siding with UltimosVA and CFC on her, but I will never forgive them either until they remove me from their slanderous posts about me. As far as I'm concerned, they aided Cosplayer Extraordinaire and enabled her to further dismantle my sanity. I deem them as equally guilty too! They have no idea what I've suffered, and I'm no longer willing to take anymore.

Feb 25, 21 at 5:21am

MO... my bday is today. Not yesterday.

Feb 23, 21 at 11:59am

Everytime I edit my profile, I’m suddenly a woman. Do you know something I don’t MO?

Kira @kira1822 One of us! XD
Feb 18, 21 at 8:18am

I swear, if my ex doesn't stop I might pass. Tonight she sent me to the hospital.

Feb 16, 21 at 5:28am

So it seems depression-like symptoms are consuming me. Lovely. I hate you anxiety, with a burning passion. I've come to learn I'm also a slave to my emotions. I can't help it either.

Feb 10, 21 at 3:11am

So I'm starting to think my ex is just trying to make it so I'm unable to date again. So I've decided. I'm not letting my ex get to me. She revealed who she really was, and I've let her go. And I know amazing people, and those people are the whole world to me new or old.

Plus, I'm looking for any voice actors for a science fantasy "Star Wars-esque" project. Looking for a very particular voice for a main female character. If you're interested, hit me up.

This was an awkwardish post xD