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Tex the Lone-Star Gamer

26 year old Male
Last online 4 days ago
Planet Corvus,
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Jan 24, 21 at 7:57pm

Hello how r u

Jan 23, 21 at 8:07pm



That really sucks. I do hope you can get a good New phone! That dosent cost too much^-^


So I found out I need a new cell. Thanks hacker who managed to bug my cell :/ I hope you didn’t get my address from that since my GPS was on


So, I have to ue my laptop for a bit. My cell carrier thinks someone bugged my cell. Left my cell with them.


Phone won’t let me message anyone right now :( Bringing it to get checked today


I’m very tempted to just abandon MO... Too anxious for my own liking and I feel like I’m partially thrusting myself into problems. Not that I don’t appreciate all the help. If you don’t want me to leave, please let me know :(


To anyone dropping me because of lies spread online about me,

Last year, I was abused. Emotionally, mentally. Someone guilted me into fighting their own fight. I couldn’t run, and I was forced to fight. My anxiety was at an all time high. I broke. Even to this day, I’m struggling with it. I did many things just to escape from it, things I regret. But I don’t regret showing a heart, trying to be kind - even if my kindness was used for evil. I’m gullible, I’m easily attached. These are just things about me I can’t erase.

Because of the person that manipulated me, I’ve been painted in a false light by a cosplay community. And my ex. These people have never met me, nor do I have any interest in meeting them. Everything they say about me should not be believed because of this. Their words lack credibility. This is why I’m so anxious a lot.


So I’m not sure if it’s my cell, the site, or my cell hating the site... but for some reason almost none of my messages are going through. It’s been like this for nearly 2 weeks. My luck is utter bs


One bad news after the next... :( Why are you so cruel, life? I thought 2019 was bad. Lost my meemaw. 2020? Hands down to absolute worst year of my entire life. My dog dies, my anxiety reaches all time highs, I get death threats, and endlessly cyberbullied. I just want it all to end. Not like in the “I want to die” way. I just want this year and this crap to end. Please, 2020. No more. I can’t even handle it anymore.