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40 year old Male
Last online about 1 year ago
Columbia, SC
Alight, lets Leeroy Jenkins this.

I'm easy to get along with.
I'm a very passionate and affectionate person.
I am absolutely going to read through your profile if there's nothing there then neither am I.
I prefer women with depth if you can't hold a conversation, I won't be holding you. (I don't really appeal to shallow people anyway, so I'm probably safe there.)

I like to cook and like to think I’m not bad at it. I love to laugh (who doesn’t, right) and make others laugh. Not just a little giggle though, but that infectious, piss your pants, can’t breathe properly kind of laugh. I love driving around just to drive, especially if I am having a great conversation with someone at the same time.

Beauty is in what you do, who you are, and how you communicate. I’d like to meet someone who’s similar to me or at the very least shares at least some of my interests, preferably as many as possible but not a requirement. I am a PC gamer, sci-fi lover, logical pragmatist, and knowledgeable anime enthusiast.

I'm good with my hands, and I love making people smile. (Yes, that also means what you think it does)

One cool thing about me is, I can speak a bit of Japanese (mostly self-taught).

I am a little verbose, if you hadn’t noticed, and love to have deep conversations about anything that happens to come up. I like to think I am mature enough to handle any topic, but I’ll still chuckle and make an inuendo if the opportunity presents itself given the right company.

I used to say that I'm simple...but recent events have proven thats far from accurate. I'm more like a Rubik's cube. I mean, the stickers on some of the blocks are faded or missing and I can't figure out where that rattle is coming from, but everything works like it should and if you know the trick to it I'm an easy puzzle to solve.

I have been to many places, done many things, and have many stories to tell. I can also be a little boisterous as well. Just wait until I really get going. Hahaha (SN=IG)