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[ภєк๏] Audio-senpai

27 year old Male
Last online about 2 hours ago
Fullerton, CA
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Yesterday at 3:18pm

I don't give a fuck if your Savs friend or not. Stop posting on my thread. This is me being nice. I warned you. Don't bitch and complain once I'm mean

Aug 15, 19 at 10:06am

Hewwo, i am here to inform you we recieved a report from the user "reinhardt" on a comment you made apparently directed at him. Let this be your final warning before corrective actions will be taken. This report has been under review for almost a week now. The head mods will ban you both if we see anymore feuds. They send their regards UwU

Aug 14, 19 at 12:15am

Aug 13, 19 at 1:17pm

Hi stranger :'D


what laff said x2
also Welcome to MO!
Hope you enjoy your stay here!
new welcome for new account

Aug 13, 19 at 7:34am

Did you make a new acc?