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24 year old Female
Last online 26 days ago
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Another my hero fan, nice! I thought I'd just say hi and hopefully chat for a bit. Also I love the pfp, did you commission an artist for it?
I am looooving the energy you put off! Hope we get the chance to chat :D
anicrave @anicrave left a comment for CeriseRose
Mar 22, 21 at 8:48pm
I am reaching out to say hello. ^_^
I must thank everyone for the advice you have given me today! ^^ I will definitely talk to her, or try to talk since the last time we communicated was through text at the con and if she is willing to respond or not. And for the others who also experienced the same, I wish for you the best in life! I wouldn't want anyone else to feel the same way I did.
I must thank you for your advice, both of you! I am mad, but my feelings of sadness and ashamed has taken over me a bit. Just for the sole reason that we have been through so much together. I just wasn't expecting that from her. And to add onto this, my other friend who was introduced to me by my "best friend" told me that she was nothing but trouble. Let's call my "best friend"....Kat. This just happened to me a few minutes ago as I was talking to my friend. She told me that she and Kat had a conversation about how they barely talk anymore and so Kat responded "You have to contact me! I have a large friend group and I can remember all of you guys unless you contact me!" Just typing and reading this hurts me.