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Last online over 1 year ago
Texas, Bulgaria
I guess it's finally about time I do this info stuff properly.

About Me:

I'm just your average weeb looking to find friends online. I'm already in a relationship with my lovely girlfriend so I'm only looking to find people with similar interest to chat with!


>I love outdoor activities like hiking and camping.
>I make high end and high performance cutlery(so far only as a hobby, but hoping to go full time in the future).
>I love cars yet I don't have a license.
>I love mountain biking
>I do a bit of 3d modeling and CAD.

Music Taste:

I pretty much like every style of music but my favorites are:

>Old Bulgarian pop-folk
>Video game music
Favorite Artists:
>Joyner Lucas
>Scruface Jean
Hope we can be friends!

Thanks to Leandra for the help!