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Toronto, Canada
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I love how Orthodox Christmas coincides with the birthday of Sailor Saturn and with the anniversary of the release of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica series.


TBH, I've never played any of the latest Sonic games due to toxic fandom and busy life(´-ω-`)

But I saw the Sonic film in theaters right before COVID-19 pandemic roughly hit America.

blissfullforce1818 @blissfullforce1818 I stopped following cannon Sonic games after 2008, after the release of Sonic Rush Adventure and Sonic Chronicles and the Mario&Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games. Pretty much for the same reasons as you. And I loved the 2020 Sonic movie. That was one of the few things about this year which was actually good. But seriously though, Sonic Rush is a great game. I recommend that you find a DS emulator and play it. That soundtrack is truly amazing.
meisterman1985 @meisterman1985 I stopped just to avoid being an easy target of bullies to mess with and build up my maturity to avoid being any comparable to Sonicchu.
blissfullforce1818 @blissfullforce1818 I stopped because I felt that there's just way too much content in the series already and that there's just no room left for more. My head and my heart are like hard-drives with a cap on storage capacity. Eventually they get full and get tired of taking in more stuff. Whether someone chooses to tease me for what I like or don't like doesn't stop me at all.

Hooray! The external DVD-RW drive which I ordered for myself as a Christmas present has been delivered to me on December 2nd. (Yes, it arrived extra early because I didn't want for the supplier to run out of stock since these items have become popular due to modern laptops not containing them.) Anyways, I was finally able to record a CD-R without any errors for the first time in what feels like ages! It's a shame that the internal DVD-RW drives inside both of my old laptops have completely wore off and turned into DVD-ROMs while none of the new laptops which are currently on sale have any internal DVD-RW drives. Cause otherwise, I wouldn't have needed to buy this gadget and would've just went straight for a new laptop.


And so I've finally reached the day when the numeric keypad of my Toshiba laptop needed to become fully reprogrammed from being a calculator into being a directional keypad for gaming. This was going to happen sooner or later. It was inevitable. #gamerproblems

This account has been suspended.

I might be becoming a bit more active on the Discord thingy, because a lot of the key Heretic&Hexen community members have began arriving there and started their own group there, and also because many of the conventions that get cancelled because of the pandemic are making groups there.


EUREKA! I did it! I can finally post on Instagram again! I can post through Mozilla Firefox! I can post for the first time in 7 months! I feel so free! I feel like I'm on top of the world! (But I still need the emulator for editing the captions properly though. Oh well.)


Well, it looks like now I'll have to adapt to using the touchpad of my Toshiba laptop for a while instead of relying on an external USB mouse, since my mouse drivers somehow got corrupted and deleted during a purge of some nasty malware. Oh well. It's not such a disadvantage. I mean, a decade ago I had another laptop without a mouse, so I'm basically re-adapting to something that already was second nature to me in the past.


Happy birthday to me! These are the birthday gifts which I bought for myself in 2020. I now own Season3 of Sailor Moon crystal on DVD, and I now have several volumes of the new IDW Sonic comics, which are way better than the old Archie Sonic comics that became discontinued.

Jun 08, 20 at 7:40pm

You have your shit together.

blissfullforce1818 @blissfullforce1818 Thank you! I like to believe that myself, despite someone thinking otherwise.
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