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John Felix left a comment for blissfullforce1818
Jun 24, 18 at 2:48am

Oh, it's actually based on the non-Bethesda Fallout games, which are 2.5D isometric RPGs. You even have the option to play the game as a turn-based tactical RPG, or in a much hairier real-time mode which controls a little like Diablo, only with firearms. Some players form up as gangs too; I can understand if it's not your thing-- I just thought I'd mention it.

John Felix left a comment for blissfullforce1818
Jun 23, 18 at 8:07pm

As someone who speaks Russian, who you ever tried the underground fonline games? FOnline2 was the best version I played, but there's also Reloaded and what used to be a super-brutal Russian server (TLA?). You might want to check it out, since these games have developers in Eastern Europe, yet an international following. Oh, and the girls who play these games are really funky; they'll plant dynamite in your pocket for the lulz (or do hex-grid lawn art). I actually had a tradewar once with one who used a My Little Pony nickname...

Jun 03, 18 at 9:12pm

I enjoyed the Han Solo movie. None of the female characters stole his spotlight, and he was the most honest and the most honourable thief out of all the cast. Now I'm eager for a Chewbacca spin-off and a Darth Maul spin-off, cause I'd want to know how those characters got to be where they were in this latest movie. Bring on the secondary Expanded Universe, please!

May 28, 18 at 8:00pm

My second cosplay experience at AnimeNorth2018 was even better than my first one at FanExpo2017. The helmet was a real magnet for photographers and, based on how things went, I'm predicting that my third experience at FanExpo2018 will be a real blast with more intensity.

Daggerfella left a comment for blissfullforce1818
Apr 23, 18 at 12:28pm Pass this around. we are coting for Best girl of Maiotaku!

John Felix left a comment for blissfullforce1818
Apr 10, 18 at 10:14pm

You do military uniform cosplay? I never knew. Did you source your threads or were they DIY? I always wanted to go to a con as a German radio tech :D

Lynes left a comment for blissfullforce1818
Feb 17, 18 at 8:13pm

Greetings from me too! having common thing is great! but I do lack in experience with cosplaying and actually going to the convention! I would love to, but lacked courage to do it! It is pleasure to meet you bliss!

Feb 08, 18 at 8:28pm

I have finally received the balaclava for my Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot cosplay. It is very thin and flexible. Now there is no longer any skin visible beneath my helmet at all, and I'm feeling like a real pilot.

doki left a comment for blissfullforce1818
Feb 07, 18 at 6:46pm

Awesome :D I've been going to AN for a couple of years now xD Its pretty much the only con in Toronto that I know fully about/can afford :P Its not as huge as Fan Expo but is definitely tons of fun!

doki left a comment for blissfullforce1818
Feb 01, 18 at 6:21pm

You headed to Anime North 2018? :DD

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