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Toronto, Canada
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meisterman1985 left a comment for blissfullforce1818
Mar 30, 19 at 11:36am

Thank you for accepting my friend requestヽ(´∀`。)ノ

misa_chan left a comment for blissfullforce1818
Feb 09, 19 at 2:17pm

Sure we can talk! ^^

misa_chan left a comment for blissfullforce1818
Feb 09, 19 at 2:16pm

I would love to talk to you! Thanks for the request!

Dec 05, 18 at 9:06pm

The Mortal Kombat cosplay which I ordered for myself as a Christmas present has been delivered to me today on December 5th. (Yes, it arrived extra early because I ordered it immediately after Hallowe'en to ensure that it would arrive before the year ends.) Anyways, this is now my second ever cosplay. I'm very happy with how it sits on me, even though the yellow tabard is very tight on my sides, but it's something that I can get used to. I had originally been thinking about ordering Rayden instead of Scorpion, but that one isn't available in my size and would be very hard to keep clean due to the white colour. So I have chosen Scorpion instead and I have no regrets, because he is equally as badass!

Oct 15, 18 at 3:32pm

incase ur interested I made a AMA (ask me anything) and im trying to start up a trend.

i figured since ya have been here for a bit it would work to advertise the idea around your friends list as well as giving ya the idea to maybe do one yourself.

Sep 02, 18 at 6:26pm

Well, FanExpo Canada 2018 was a real blast. It was my third cosplay experience, and I got even more attention because the crowd here is much larger than at AnimeNorth.

Jun 03, 18 at 9:12pm

I enjoyed the Han Solo movie. None of the female characters stole his spotlight, and he was the most honest and the most honourable thief out of all the cast. Now I'm eager for a Chewbacca spin-off and a Darth Maul spin-off, cause I'd want to know how those characters got to be where they were in this latest movie. Bring on the secondary Expanded Universe, please!

May 28, 18 at 8:00pm

My second cosplay experience at AnimeNorth2018 was even better than my first one at FanExpo2017. The helmet was a real magnet for photographers and, based on how things went, I'm predicting that my third experience at FanExpo2018 will be a real blast with more intensity.

Apr 23, 18 at 12:28pm Pass this around. we are coting for Best girl of Maiotaku!

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