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19 year old Female
Last online 3 days ago
Welcome to my page <3

I want to start that I don't want to date here <3 : ( sorry. Please don't message me for dating.

Instead, I want to make new friends to talk with and share ideas with <3

I really like meeting new people, so don't be creepy please <3

I'm currently a university student studying history, and I love things from the past, especially ruins or things like that <3

I also love games, anime, and taking walks in my free time. One day I want to go on a big adventure, once my savings can do that <3 but for now I just adventure inside my mind <3

I can be a little bit immature sometimes, so don't be too smelly <3

I hope we can be friends soon <3

Favorite recent anime: To Your Eternity, Spy x Family
Favorite animal: Cat
Favorite ice cream flavor: Cookie Dough
Favorite dessert: Japanese/French strawberry cake
Favorite.... recommend me what to put here <3