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League Of Legends?

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League of Legends still my favorite game

my IGN Ilovesjokzs

feel free to add me

Mar 21, 17 at 6:24pm

If anyone wants to play, add me in game.


I'm Gold currently in Solo/Duo

Mar 29, 17 at 3:26pm
Dai commented on League Of Legends?

G3 and climbing PM if you want to duo :D

Mar 30, 17 at 3:03pm

Here I play on NA

Apr 02, 17 at 3:14am

NA here as well

Apr 02, 17 at 3:18am

said this before, i play NA League name is i think midnitelostchild(so unique i know lol)

Apr 03, 17 at 12:49am

anyone up for league?

Apr 04, 17 at 9:42pm

Been on a break for the last few months, but back on the rift!
I also play on NA.

Mid main, can play any role with comfort.

Pretty hard stance on ANTI-FLAMING.
All about having fun, laughing, and laughing some more.

If you'd down for some LoL shenanigans, hit me up sometime!! n_n/")

Apr 12, 17 at 4:07pm

I play league too! :D My ign is : TypicAngel

Apr 20, 17 at 11:47pm

Game is full of little toxicable piece of brunz trashes、when you lose your lane blame on the whole game is yours。Its as if they sold their soul to the demon that they were promised to never lose a game 。。。Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ fun with friends though

Apr 21, 17 at 5:44am
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