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Melee? ^^

minaloli commented on Melee? ^^

Oh geez xD Hehe, Roy is obviously SSS tier :P

Feb 05, 17 at 8:18pm
Blank commented on Melee? ^^

>> Not a skilled roy
>> Plays Unviable falcon
>> sad

Feb 05, 17 at 9:06pm
Jmac525 commented on Melee? ^^

Big Melee fan here. Been playing Luigi for as long as I can remember. Doc and DK are my submains.

Feb 06, 17 at 12:38pm
bornbytheblood19 commented on Melee? ^^

It was one of the first Video games i played when i was little.

Feb 07, 17 at 12:49am
Vamxlight commented on Melee? ^^

Yep!! I play competitive Melee, I main Falcon/Fox and other characters I play for fun would be: Marth, Sheik, Falco, Luigi, Ganon, and my low tier main is Ness. I've been playing for 3 years and I'm the best Melee player in my city! I prefer Project M but Melee is still a lot of fun and I play Smash 4 a bit too.

Feb 08, 17 at 2:21pm

Meelee is the best Smash game ever. My favorite character is young link, what is your guys and girls favorite character.

Feb 17, 17 at 1:42pm
minaloli commented on Melee? ^^

Cool! It's cool to see that there's a lot of people on here that like it :3

@Papa I main Falco/Fox, but I'm training up a Marth to replace Fox since I don't like him as much

Mar 20, 17 at 1:33am
Cero commented on Melee? ^^


Your either MELEE

Or your dumb(brawl)

Mar 20, 17 at 2:03am

Roy's our boy

Sep 01, 17 at 8:54pm
Vlad commented on Melee? ^^

One of the few Mewtwo mains in existence. D:

Never really cared for alot for the higher level gameplay since it consists of mainly Shieks, Falcos, Foxes and Jiggs. It gets annoying to see the top 5 players still make it even during EVO or what have you.

Sep 03, 17 at 5:47pm
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