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Which type of gamer are you most like?

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I've always consideret myself a collecter in all the mmo's (my preffered genre) but since we are going with this

Dec 21, 16 at 8:02am
christacookies commented on Which type of gamer are you most like?

50% explorer and 20% achiever and 30% socialite

Dec 21, 16 at 7:32pm

Killer: 1-2% -- I have little interest in competitive, but I never hold back (Partially because I don't really know how to do so).
Achiever: 20% -- I mostly feel like Achievements say, in a mocking tone, "Hey, you haven't done THIS yet". And that annoys me. The Skinner Box does work. Part of why I love Nintendo is that lack of Achievement System.
Socialite: 5% -- I don't socialize well. If I'm in a pre-made group, I'm probably ok, but I don't like dealing with random people.
Explorer: 10% -- I like exploring in a game, but only so much. And re-discovering what I already know (such as from online) kills the fun of that.

The rest... is Casual Gamer. or something.

Yeah, I like more story-driven games, like RPG. (But I largely dislike the "moral system"/"Choose your variable personalizing storyline" and "polygonal love interests" that are common in Western RPGs. It just detracts from the story for me, and/or makes no real sense for the setting. If I wanted tons of inter-character dialogue or porn, I'd find something else.)

Dec 27, 16 at 5:06pm

15% Killer
40% Explorer
40% Achiever
5% Socialite

I'd day that's pretty accurate ^^ .

Dec 28, 16 at 1:28am
kaizu™ commented on Which type of gamer are you most like?

100% explorer lol. I play games just to enjoy them and could usually care less about achievements and competition xD

Dec 29, 16 at 9:43am
n a e r i

50% explorer, 30% achiever, 10% socialite and 10% killer
the games i play most often are minecraft (woooop) and runescape but i enjoy almost every type, not too picky

Dec 29, 16 at 11:03pm

Pretty even split of Killer and Explorer.

I explore for fun at first. When I find a challenge, I go Killer on it.

Dec 30, 16 at 3:06pm

80% Explorer
20% Socialite

Jan 02, 17 at 2:30pm

50% explorer 50% killer

First i explore everything, thsn i kill everything which is alive.
Works pretty for me on eery rpg ^^

Jan 05, 17 at 1:10am


Jan 05, 17 at 1:35am
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