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What game are you currently playing?

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been on a Pokemon fan hack hype, dark rising 2 absolutely wrecked me on nuzlocke rules, shout out garchomp for saving my sanity

Oct 03, 17 at 8:08am

Fire emblem Fates~ Kana is so cute ^///^

Oct 03, 17 at 9:31am

selkie best girl in fates but kana is nice too, their support (male kana) is adorable

Oct 03, 17 at 11:29am

Going to tap into my love for RPG again and marathon Kingdom Hearts 1.5-2.5 .

@Deathsong ooo what is it about?

@dyinxx oo fire emblem is hella dope!

Oct 03, 17 at 2:52pm

I've been playing Star Wars The Force Unleashed. It's my first time too.

Oct 05, 17 at 11:11pm

Currently playing through Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem for the fourth time and dang it's still a wicked game! The sanity effects are so fun and creative that every other game that's tackled the idea fell so flat on their face because they refused to play with the idea of it being a game. Screwing with the player outside of the game makes ED:SR's sanity system a major standout and playing the Xel'lotath path makes it even more interesting!

Oct 10, 17 at 2:33pm

Just finished the Mass Effect Trilogy. Wasn't bad. Still had a lot of fun overall.

I guess maybe I'll try to finish the story mode of Puyo Puyo Tetis or work on Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

Oct 11, 17 at 5:41pm

Trails of cold steel, despite being somewhat generic its still charming so far.

Oct 11, 17 at 11:28pm

Bioshock, Warframe,fortnite

Oct 14, 17 at 3:13am


Oct 14, 17 at 3:16am
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