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Who else plans on moving?

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Curious on who plans on moving to japan? I plan on moving to shibuya in under a year or so! So it'd be nice to know who else is? Would be awesome to have some friends tbh lol

Apr 27, 17 at 4:46am

if i had lots of money, and there wasnt radiation there. i possibly would.

Apr 28, 17 at 1:57am

My plans are to either move or study there, if I had to say where probably fukuoka, naha, or kyoto. I was thinking Tokyo would be the place I'd go travel with my friends since it's like the LA of japan.

Apr 30, 17 at 1:26am

Currently, Japan isn't somewhere I'd personally move to. I'd be very happy just to visit. Although if I ended up marrying someone who really, desperately wanted to move to Japan then I would definitely think long and hard about it. The biggest problem is the language barrier and learning languages is something I'm terrible at so it's easy to see why I'm so hesitant.

May 02, 17 at 3:20pm

It's tempting but i'm so used to the diversity and multiculturalism in my home country that i don't think i could ever get used to it.

As cool as Japan is, and as shitty as Canadian weather is, i don't think i can just leave everything behind, friends, family, etc. The cultural barriers would also be something to consider. The only time i would consider it would be if my spouse is from there, and also if i'm settled into a steady profession that can allow me to work internationally.

I would definitely like to visit occasionally, but as for moving there, who knows...

May 03, 17 at 9:07pm

I would love to move to Japan. I don't mind learning the language or culture. Unfortunately what's holding me back is money. I hope it won't affect me for long.

May 07, 17 at 11:20pm

If money wasn't a problem, I would move their in a heartbeat. Though I may need to learn the language and culture of Japan, but I would defiantly live there

May 08, 17 at 7:35pm

I used to want to move there, but I changed my mind. It would be cool, but I'm fine with just studying abroad when I hit college.

May 09, 17 at 7:47am
brujaja commented on Who else plans on moving?

it's seems like a place I'd prefer to just visit, not necessarily live. But not against the idea! Not versed enough with their state of economy or social issues to want to permanently be settled there, though.

Jun 29, 17 at 2:05pm
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