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The Legend of Heroes -Trails (Kiseki) Series

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So, how many other people in here are fans besides me? I just beat Cold Steel not too long ago, and now I've got an order in for the Japanese versions of Zero no Kiseki Evolution and Ao no Kiseki Evolution because I REALLY want to see what happened in the Crossbell arc.

It's just amazing to me for there to be a video game series out there that invests as heavily into world building as this one does. The amount of text is just staggering too. It feels like I read somewhere that the translated version of Trails in the Sky SC has more text than all three Lord of the Rings novels combined?! I'm not entirely sure if that's right or not, but there's still an impressive amount of writing going on there.

Jun 09, 16 at 11:08pm

Damn I love these games
Still haven't beat sc but the first one was awesome -also cleared a tear of vermilion - I have cold steal still in the box

Jun 10, 16 at 12:53am

I still need to play SC myself, actually. I never got into the previous trilogy, but I actually beat the English version of the very first Legend of Heroes game on the Turbografx-16. It's got incredibly bad voice acting, but it's still pretty cool to even have voice acting in a game that came out back in the late 80's / early 90's.

Jun 10, 16 at 6:11am

Postman brought me some goodies today...

Jun 23, 16 at 6:26pm

Resurrecting this old thread because I just beat the Vita remake of Trails in the Sky FC a while ago, and Joshua and Estelle deserve some love.

That darn ending turns me into a blubbering idiot. It's a pity the anime OVA apparantly kind of sucks...

One more pic for good measure:

Jul 19, 16 at 11:14pm

Gonna try and revive this thread because I desperately want more people to try these games. So, uh, yeah... art!

Aug 01, 16 at 7:43pm

Just a reminder that Trails of Cold Steel II will be hitting stores in the US on 9/6!

The first Trails of Cold Steel is also on sale on PSN for 50% off until the 13th, so now's a great time to give the series a go!

Sep 02, 16 at 7:59pm

Hmm looks interesting I gotta give it a try

Sep 03, 16 at 7:13am

Gotta' do my periodic revival of this thread with a pic of all the lead characters from the Kiseki games:

Sep 24, 16 at 8:07pm

Alright, I see what I have to do to get people to pay attention around here...


Oct 01, 16 at 11:02am
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