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soueki left a comment for yuseii

HEyo fellow Tn person!

Jan 16, 18 at 11:37pm
kaizu™ left a comment for yuseii

Like you said its supposed to be different! They made it pretty clear in the beginning that the show was about Boruto lol. Coming from a Narutard, I can't say I'm as invested in it. But I love seeing how some characters progress. I think that's a hook for many people, but if they want Naruto they should go watch that instead.

KH is awesome. I'm a huge Disney nerd so that's part of it (for me). Have you played through most or all the games? They span across many systems so I understand not being caught up. xD

As for the vegetarian thing, its not too bad once you figure stuff out. It also helps if you go Pescatarian (sub-class of veg.) instead or something similar, makes life easier. No way I could handle vegan personally either, but those who do are amazing!

It sounded like you were still deciding on things. There's never a rush and one certainly shouldn't transition unless they're 100%. Honestly, I've never fully understood the whole non-binary thing to begin with since everyone I know transitioned one way or another. Everyone has my respect though of course.

I can't say I know exactly what its like to have a condition like that, but I do get what its like having a condition alongside dealing with Dysphoria. All I can say is try not to let it get in the way when you decide how you want things to be! ^^

Nov 13, 17 at 8:47pm
Fire god left a comment for yuseii

I was wondering if bye chance you might want to get to know each other better and if am not your type or your, not interest please let me know thanks for the add.

Nov 13, 17 at 1:51am
Kai Ryuuji left a comment for yuseii

Pretty cool wig you got there :) Are you cosplaying anyone in particular?

Nov 12, 17 at 8:20pm

I'm sire this is late but i feel like i should anyway hello there and welcome to this wonderful website of weebs and memes. I read your bio and as a supporter of the LGBT community I hope you find yourself. We are all a friendly bunch so by all means message people check out the forums and enjoy your stay

PS nice hair :D

Nov 12, 17 at 10:05am
BurningHalo left a comment for yuseii

Keep me posted on the MAL thing would ya? I'm always fascinated to see how people's preferences in anime mesh up with their personality :P Name's Vincent, or Halo (Some people call me Burning...not really sure why. The "Burning" in my name is silent). Oh and welcome to MaiOtaku

Nov 12, 17 at 8:46am
kaizu™ left a comment for yuseii

Welcome to MO! Always cool to see a fellow trans person on here (if you decide that's for you). I rarely see someone who keeps up with Boruto (anime or manga) so that's awesome to see as well. Hope you enjoy your stay! ^^/

Nov 12, 17 at 12:47am
KingDragonZero left a comment for yuseii

WOW! You're so pretty.

Nov 11, 17 at 6:46pm
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