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I have had a quite a good time while being on this I msg new people, had some interesting conversations, and fell into some wierd forums. If I could I would spend even the last days with you cool cats, if people say that anymore

Aug 23, 17 at 7:46pm

Yajirobe from dba or the poketrainer who lost

Aug 21, 17 at 7:28pm

Does anyone here design custom made cosplay or know someone that does, or knows a place that does? If you do the help will be greatly appreciated.^_^

Jul 05, 17 at 8:08pm
❀Sunflower❀ what are u gonna cosplay?

Time my cheesy pickup line for the week
I went to Wendy's an ordered a baconator, I looked at the clerk an asked you know why I got the baconator right she asked why am I told her I bacon on getting your number and calling you may or. The moral of the story I didn't get the number

May 21, 17 at 2:08pm

Oh Heart, a bitter rival yet a valued ally on this battlefield we call Love. You cause me to hesitate where I should charge upon there enemy and strike the killing blow. Other times you've led me into oblivion when I should have held my grounds. Then there are the glory upon the sun itself gleams upon my sword known as courage and across my shield hope, when we use our might along with charm and a few good laughs we dance upon the field of battle like the roaring winds which can shake the very foundation of the soul itself. And then when all is calm, when all is quiet, when the dust has settled. I realize that I have neither conquered or been conquered but having found.........

Mar 21, 17 at 4:13pm
aikiki left a comment for Saeniso

whats up?

Mar 13, 17 at 6:43pm
aikiki left a comment for Saeniso

i'll definitely be there. maybe we can link up...

Feb 22, 17 at 6:19pm

Hello world hope you all doing well do let the holidays get you down too much chin my comrades. Happy Hlidays and HEEEELLLLPPPPPP there's just too much anime in this world.XD

Dec 25, 16 at 8:20pm

Hey everyone hope the seasons haven't been too hard on you all. If you ever just wanna chat, share, or almost anything just msg me and I'll reply a.s.a.i.c

Apr 19, 16 at 5:04pm
jakekaine left a comment for Saeniso

Hey, Saeniso! If it's not too much to ask, could you let me know what you think of an idea I had for a story?


Sorry if it seems like I'm begging, I just don't really have that many opinions to go on.

Mar 26, 16 at 3:10pm
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