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Dec 31, 16 at 7:50pm
daidalon left a comment for PhantomEin

Oh god, I never thought I'd see the day when I've found someone else that has seen Kampfer XD.

Its simultaneously one of the more enjoyable anime I've seen and also one of my favorite torture ones if I leave out the trick to it.

At what you rated it, I have to wonder. Did you get the trick to the show?

Dec 26, 16 at 3:36pm
PhantomEin I don't even remember kamfer at this point XD
xyrael left a comment for PhantomEin


Just want es to say hello:)

Nice pics and so one..requiem of the phantom...thx now i have to watch this masterpiece again

Greetings from germany

Dec 02, 16 at 9:10am
SleepyhermiT left a comment for PhantomEin

Ah, the we probably have. I'm more into the DBZ abridged than any other, but even now I haven't caught up with anything (last saga I was watching was the sayian saga with Vegetable and Napping). I see you got Sombra as your profile pic, you play Overwatch? PC or console?

Nov 13, 16 at 4:23pm
SleepyhermiT left a comment for PhantomEin

Hallo~ went to anime next from 2013-2015 huh? There's a chance we might've past by each other. Phantom's a pretty good anime, I remember they had it on Netflix so it was easier for me to catch it while eating cereal. I see Nabari as well which I enjoyed but I don't remember anyone how it ends.

Nov 13, 16 at 9:35am
genma314 left a comment for PhantomEin

Nice anime faves!

Oct 17, 16 at 1:17pm
mamisexual left a comment for PhantomEin

Hey there XD must say its awesome to find someone who appreciates Phantom. Very underrated anime

Sep 19, 16 at 12:41am
PhantomEin It is extremely under rated and it's a pity
outlawstar21 left a comment for PhantomEin

Hi Phantom, I'm here in Citrus Springs and about to take on another asterisk war episode. I see you too are a fan of Outlaw Star and SAO. Hope we can talk about Florida. See ya soon.

Aug 18, 16 at 7:14pm
redeagle321 left a comment for PhantomEin

Hiya! Been a long time, figured I'd give you a shout!

Jul 28, 16 at 2:57pm
johnnybravo left a comment for PhantomEin

Poke~ n_n

Apr 11, 16 at 9:25pm
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