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≧ ManamI ≦

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wasistdas left a comment for ≧ ManamI ≦

Yoooooooooooo thank you, you too pal!

Jan 16, 17 at 9:20am
≧ ManamI ≦ You're welcome, comrade.

Don't you dare give me the sad face, I'm the creater of the sad face .

*Pulls cheeks*

Jan 15, 17 at 11:15pm

Lol smart ass, how's life going ?

Jan 13, 17 at 5:07am
≧ ManamI ≦ *inserts sad Pepe here*

I'm out for 2 days and there's 15 notifications. -_-" boi

Jan 13, 17 at 2:35am

Maybe I don't want to say hello maybe I want to say goodbye or Batman you even though about that.

Jan 12, 17 at 2:02am
≧ ManamI ≦ Hello, Goodbye, Batman.
Sparky left a comment for ≧ ManamI ≦

Dark Souls!!...and Bloodborne...but DARK SOULS! :D Okay, I have a love-hate relationship for obvious reasons but its one of my favorite series xP Pokemon is totally tops for me too. Do you have sun or moon? We should battle! Though I'd opt for oras as well I have no clue where my ruby went tbh...maybe one of my dogs ate it...who knows xD But yeah...saying hi for the game list because I feel like pretty much everyone around here is a PC gamer...the majority anyway.

GoT and the walking dead are the only two non-anime shows I watch so I'm quite fond of them as well. That said, I am still getting caught up on Game of Thrones so have mercy! Dx

How far are you in college? Have you decided on your major yet?

Jan 12, 17 at 12:50am
≧ ManamI ≦ Didn't get the chance to play bloodborne yet but I still love it. Yes, I've Pokemon Moon, feel free to add me if you wanna do a trade, I don't do the battle tho, my pokemon are weak. lmao I'm on Japanese major. ^^
Sparky Meh I'm still breeding too lol...gonna be awhile before I battle. Mostly use showdown if I wanna be competitive. You haven't played bloodborne? Lemme ps4 T.T either way get on that one! Though if you're me you have to take a break so you hold on to an ounce of your sanity... And dark souls 3 at least 30 deaths were caused by dogs so I got very salty xD but yeah we should...I still need alolan sandshrew.
≧ ManamI ≦ Yep, no PS4 for me. Dank only if I can offering my blood for a PS4... Luckily I got a 5iv eevee though wonder trade, but I have no destiny knot yet, so I just wandering around islands and collecting berries. Lol


Jan 11, 17 at 11:03pm

I'm doing fine, just finished work. :)

Jan 10, 17 at 4:58pm

It almost looks like him lol. How are you doing? :)

Jan 10, 17 at 9:35am

Hi it's nice to meet you!

Jan 07, 17 at 7:04pm
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