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I highly doubt anyone on my friends list here is going, but i'll ask regardless, will anyone be at A2F later this month?

May 05, 17 at 11:43am

finally getting around to watching anime again

Apr 29, 17 at 10:20pm
Travisemo007 left a comment for lugexd

Hmmmm...after some googling, it looks like your right. For some reason ive always thought it was co-op only. :?.. I may have to try it one day then. Are there vehichle maps? For deathmatch?

Apr 25, 17 at 4:16am
Anime_diva left a comment for lugexd

that's crazy I knew a lot went into making games but I never knew this much not to mention how much can go wrong. knowing this I can now understand why some games are crazy easy with only a few levels. so how long would you say would take to make a game that includes if all the codes where good and very few bugs? and do you play each level after adding a new one to make sure everything is working properly?

Apr 22, 17 at 10:34pm
Anime_diva left a comment for lugexd

how long have you been working on your game, or are you just brain storming right now? do you know why a lot of the old school games like the ones in the late 80s early 90s had so many glitches or for experienced players the ultimate cheats

Apr 20, 17 at 5:43pm
Anime_diva left a comment for lugexd

lol right after that I was scared to try their food, I did to be polite but with good caution to some of it

hmmm ok think I get it, are you going to make it virtual reality too? so what is the process of making a game and does working on them give you a little advantage when playing other games?

Apr 19, 17 at 5:50pm
Anime_diva left a comment for lugexd

lol I had someone once ask me if noodles where supposed to be hard or soft, and they where in their early 20s feel like that is something you should have known the answer to since you where a kid. I love burgers, have you ever thought about making a waffle burger?

I guess you're right from a programing point of view, but wouldn't simple be too easy? I can understand you don't want it like legend of Zelda where it's more to the story than we think, but what about a simple not over the top twist?

Apr 18, 17 at 4:15pm
Anime_diva left a comment for lugexd

that's good you know how to cook lol. not a lot of people know how to do it, which I don't really understand. what are some of your food ideas? that great that you experiment with flavors, what's your favorite thing to make?

honestly that sounds like a cool game I'd so play it, but instead of stopping it why not try to figure out why, and have like clues all over the apartment that trigger flashbacks and than have a twist to it, like the person was the murder with a split personality

Apr 17, 17 at 4:17pm
Anime_diva left a comment for lugexd

lol thank you ^^ what are some of the things you like to cook? and I think knowing how to make games is just as cool, what are some of the game ideas you have? if you want to share that is, I promise I'm not a spy lol ;P

Apr 16, 17 at 8:03pm
Anime_diva left a comment for lugexd

I went for culinary arts, so you know how to make games?

Apr 16, 17 at 6:52pm
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