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21 year old Male
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Wigan, United Kingdom
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Ettie left a comment for hikaryu

You're welcome! :3

Aug 18, 17 at 6:37am

Ah, the first chapter of a new work done :D

Aug 06, 17 at 4:12pm

Christ Ive been away a while, Info says Im 18 when Im almost 21 O_O

May 16, 17 at 1:17pm
Maylis left a comment for hikaryu

Yo dude c: Nice to meet yah

Oct 06, 15 at 9:37am
Reiziru left a comment for hikaryu

No problem

Oct 05, 15 at 12:32pm

Np :) nice to meet you

Oct 05, 15 at 2:59am
Immy left a comment for hikaryu

Ah I bet you can write really good stories though! I think I started a story once on wattpad and I only did like 2/3 chapters of it before I got bored =/

Sep 17, 15 at 10:22am
Immy left a comment for hikaryu

Hmm I've debated about it but then I realised that I could never come up with stories so I just left it at that. Aha yeah I can draw, I probably post some of my work to prove it :)

Sep 17, 15 at 9:06am
Immy left a comment for hikaryu

Wait wait I just thought of something even better to say.... great minds think alike =D

Sep 15, 15 at 7:11am
Immy left a comment for hikaryu

Ah what can I say? I'm fast at adding I guess =P thanks for accepting my add ^.^

Sep 15, 15 at 6:59am
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