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JolteonFusion left a comment for golexi

Hello there :)

Jan 15, 18 at 1:20am
Random-kun left a comment for golexi

Thanks for accepting my request and happy new year =S

Jan 02, 18 at 5:45am
baalleex left a comment for golexi

If you have any questions about my country or just want to chat in generall, dont be scared to send me a message :3

Dec 22, 17 at 7:26pm
Akihiko left a comment for golexi

^o^ Of course.

Dec 22, 17 at 5:46pm
Akihiko left a comment for golexi

Hahaha. So, Golexi, how did you come up with that username?
Can you tell me a little more about yourself? Likes and dislikes?

Dec 22, 17 at 5:40pm
Akihiko left a comment for golexi

:D Believe me, I find it fun and rewarding as it is. That's the first time I've ever heard someone actually use that word in a sentence before. Next time I burn something I'll dedicate it to you. LOL!

Dec 22, 17 at 5:33pm
Akihiko left a comment for golexi

That's a great attitude to have when it comes to approaching things. ^o^ It's refreshing to know that there's people who think the same or apply that to their daily lives. I just do translations for work but doing self-study as I learn to Python code in hopes of picking up a decently paying job where I can still have the liberty to go and enjoy everything else there is to offer around me. I get up in the morning to get that daily exercise in, practice to make food( burnt food still counts but don't judge me :P), refine my shitty to nonexistent guitar skills and to keep one of my friends company as he waits for his brother to come back home. :) I used to attend school for Radiology but some things got in the way and I had to put things on halt for myself. Bleh~

Dec 22, 17 at 5:13pm
Akihiko left a comment for golexi

That's amazing! How are you enjoying it? Finish strong.

Dec 22, 17 at 4:54pm
Akihiko left a comment for golexi

I'm doing well, thank you for asking.
That's great to hear. What are you majoring in? How are those grades, hmmm?
I'm glad everyone here is treating you well and even happier to know that you are enjoying yourself.

Dec 22, 17 at 4:00pm
Richard Davies left a comment for golexi

I'm good at the moment just at working out

Dec 22, 17 at 3:53pm
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