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29 year old Male
Last online about 20 hours ago
Jacksonville, FL
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Jade Lim left a comment for cloud87

^^ You're welcome. Thank you for adding me. Hope we get along well~

Jan 07, 17 at 12:48am
jariesuicune left a comment for cloud87

Yep. If you love games, don't hide it. If someone is going to hold it against you, then why worry about their opinion? There's another 7 billion+ people that you can look to pay attention to instead. (Of course, if it's family/close friends, that isn't such an easy answer, but either way just let them have their sad opinion and be good to them regardless.)

Dec 29, 16 at 9:49pm
naeri left a comment for cloud87

im doing ok thank you for asking~ im non religious so i dont really do much for christmas ahah. how are you doing?

Dec 28, 16 at 11:31pm
Animekid left a comment for cloud87

Ah okay thanks.

Dec 23, 16 at 10:55am

Dec 22, 16 at 5:41pm

Dec 22, 16 at 5:40pm

th-thank you O////O

Dec 22, 16 at 5:33pm

I like cammy i like how she used to be evil in the previous games and then became a goody ^_^

Dec 22, 16 at 5:07pm

so basically the 3 main heroes of street fighter xD

Dec 22, 16 at 5:06pm

juri han is my favorite street fighter character chun li is probably my second favorite character im not good at fighting games so i just button dash until i unlock a combo or ultra

Dec 22, 16 at 5:01pm
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