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[DERP] JoJo left a comment for awkwardly_me

Jun 20, 17 at 8:03pm
[DERP] JoJo left a comment for awkwardly_me

Haha thats most of my nights, just the fighting with the bedding, sometimes I have strange and weird dreams

I'm glad as well haha ^^
Don't worry about that, your still you to me and nothing can change that. Just makes me aware how fun you can be :)

You make it sound like you had ties to the underworld lol
But I can understand that

It hurts when it happens >3>
And yes those elbows hurt
Omg my dad is the same way, except in Spanish haha

Lol well its not called "Bizarre" for nothing haha
Well it's split into 4 parts (Anime Only)
Part 1: Phantom Blood
Part 2: Battle Tendency
Part 3: Stardust Crusaders
Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable

Jun 20, 17 at 7:40pm
[DERP] JoJo Part 1 is somewhat hard for some people to get into since its more 80's writing
[DERP] JoJo left a comment for awkwardly_me

was it the heat? or what happened? :c

Lol your right about that haha
I do like hearing those stories ^w^
Ah I see, gotcha Lizzy went from Tomboy to Evolve into Lady
Getting elbowed hurt a ton, especially when your full on sprinting, I remembered getting bodied once and the wind was knocked out of me
No pain no gain right?!?

Haha you should give it a watch though :)

Jun 20, 17 at 5:26pm
[DERP] JoJo left a comment for awkwardly_me

Hey it's alright no worries ^^
at least you went to sleep early

Oh okay haha you should've said that
Lol I know the feeling of that, so your like a tomboy then ^w^
I would always get tripped and knocked down lol
and haha yes, very ironic
thats a plot twist right there haha

it's a Jojo thing haha

Jun 20, 17 at 4:31pm

I like to carry Zarathustra with me and put a bookmark in random pages when I go out in public, like to the grocery store or the gas station, just to let the people I walk by know that I'm better than them all :P

Ahhhhh yes, I AM familiar with Wilde after you posted that quote xD I'll definitely check him out, along with Voltaire. That's great you like Nietzsche though. You're the first person I've ran into that's a fan of his. Lucky! What's next, you gonna tell me you like Coldplay too?

Jun 20, 17 at 11:43am
[DERP] JoJo left a comment for awkwardly_me

Anyways, It's good to see you back after so long :D
Goodnight and sweet dreams Liz :)

Jun 20, 17 at 3:38am
[DERP] JoJo left a comment for awkwardly_me

I thought you meant competitively haha >.>
Tennis isn't that bad thpugh, I'm sure you could do it :)
It was a Dark Age... Where many a Tennis Balls were lost to the winds X3
You make it sound like you played football instead haha
sad origin story though TwT
Ah alright, thats cool :)
ignore the pose thing lol
"liquid courage" yes it hasnt been kind
But I also get too affectionate with it as well haha

Jun 20, 17 at 2:02am
[DERP] JoJo but lately it's been fine lol
[DERP] JoJo left a comment for awkwardly_me

Not anymore, mostly for fun and just with friends
I play Tennis as well, its fun ^^
Awww poor you :< how bad did you get hurt?
Oh most definitely haha
Thats good! Any thype of dancing you did or was it a wide range?
I just pose in the comfort of my own home lol
Not the same as dancing though lol
"liquid courage"... I only know two versions of this, when you gotta go and when you had too much haha

Jun 20, 17 at 12:23am

I'm not too familiar with Wilde, but Nietzsche is one of my favorites :D I mean, I have the paperback of Thus Spoke Zarathustra laying around... somewhere... so that means I have the right to be a pretentious asshole, right??

Jun 20, 17 at 12:10am
[DERP] JoJo left a comment for awkwardly_me

Better than bad haha
I know right?!
Yea I was XD
I always played soccer when I was younger and played 2 years of Football in highschool
Thats the best club to be in haha
Oh thats nice :)
How long did you take Dance for?

Jun 19, 17 at 10:18pm
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